Winter Walking//

For summer hill walkers looking to 'winterise' or those simply wishing to have an adventurous experience! When the mountains are in winter condition everything is much harder, simply managing and looking after yourself is a skill in itself. We place a great deal of emphasis on planning and good decision making so that you can get the best out of your winter walking with a good margin of safety.


Winter Mountain


This could be considered winter scrambling and often involves the 'grey area' between walking and climbing. Snowed up ridges and gullies, plus the introduction of rope technique are all on the menu!

We offer two courses, one for larger groups and this is a progression from winter walking onto steeper, more exposed terrain, for example some of the more 'airy' Munros. The other introduces simple but graded climbing ground for example Ledge Route, Fiacaill Ridge or the Forcan Ridge in Glen Shiel. Like everything we deliver nothing is set in stone, we create a package that is appropriate for you and your aspirations.


Winter Climbing//

Technical climbing in the winter with all the challenges that involves! It need not be super steep and scary, perhaps simply a progression from mountaineering terrain onto graded winter routes. Steep and scary is avialable for those that wish! For the more experienced I can deliver development training and coaching for efficiency and performance.